What a year! We have been so very blessed this year to have endured this most challenging economic melt down. This is thanks to the flexibility of our landlord, Earthworx Garden World and the ongoing support of our students who attend our classes. We are so proud of the work that is being produced by […]



2 Clients. Creating employment

Our vision for being a part of the Workspace community was always to up-skill and create earning opportunities for the bursary students attending HBSPI. We were approached by the t-bag original design company to create tea rests to sell at their retail shop. They are very simple to make and easy to produce. 3 madies […]

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First term of 2019

Welcome back! Pretty, Margaret and , Maureen return as our bursary students. Sue-Marie, Lauren, Chloe, Georgina and Jordana are also becoming regular students. We are seeing fabulous work from everyone. Pretty Thombo has been made head of the tea-bag rest project. She has shown such enthusiasm for it. Original T-bag Design in Hout Bay orders […]

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What is HBSPI

Hout Bay Social Pottery Initiative is a weekly not-for-profit pottery class that encourages members of our diverse community to enjoy making things out of clay and interacting with others from all backgrounds. Whilst Julie and Katie are there to facilitate the sessions, the main aim of the class is for people to come together and […]

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The kiln works!

Last week Katie packed and re-packed the kiln with bits and bobs from Paddy, Angus and Jack as well as a few of the projects she and I have been busy with at the Workspace studio.

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